Missoula Montana Architectural Photographer Mark Bryant Capturing Iconic Butte Montana Hotel


The hotel was built in Butte, Montana on Broadway street. At the time it was the McDermitt Hotel know as one of the finest hotels in all of the northwest.
Miles Finlen bought the hotel in 1895 after having great success in the mining business. Finlen moved to Butte where he owned and operated several large mines.The hotel was razed in 1924 when James Finlen the son of Miles decided the hotel was not grand enough and a new nine story hotel was built in its place. James Finlen hired and architectural firm that designed the hotel after the famous Hotel Astor in New York City.

Charles Lindberg ,Harry Truman ,John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon are just a few of the celebrities that have stayed at the Hotel.

Today the Finlen is a beautiful restored building with all the beauty of the roaring 20's, definitely a must stay!