Missoula Montana Commercial Photography | Motorcycles


I have always loved all kinds of motorcycles. My first bike, was a Honda 70 I used for my daily paper route as a junior high kid, as well as my need for speed. Ever since that juvenile speed machine, I have owned dirt, motocross, enduro, and street bikes. I may be a photographer, but at one point in life I was standing on a Yamaha 250 enduro as it sped across across my hometown streets. (Yikes, brave but stupid you might add. )This bike was my first love. . .  and I can still appreciate anything on two, three or four wheels that has a means to take me somewhere- fast. 

. . . 

Motorcycle riding is a fusion of excitement and fear, multiplied by speed, This experience of adventure and adrenaline changes you forever. However, now that I am a photographer who is no longer 17, I have thankfully found other, more sustainable ways to enjoy my fixation (excluding the occasional joy ride with my Bike and my Hunny). Photographing these iron horses definitely sent me many flashbacks of the “good ol’ days”. My love affair with motorcycles has developed within the process of photography and creative imaging, and I am lovin’ it.